Welcome to Horizon Solutions Group, LLC

Horizon Solutions Group, LLC is ready to offer creative and flexible
solutions to meet your business or organization needs no matter
how large or small.  Horizon i
s a minority-owned recruiting and
professional fee-based consulting service firm.  We based our
services on a busines/technology interface that allows us to
design, build and manage the systems you need to support your
business in today's e-commerce driven world.

In addition to providing these services, we know that the strength of
any service firm is determined by the talents of its people.  At
Horizon, we are dedicated to providing strong leaders and
dedicated service.

We offer enterprise solutions such as:
Horizon Solutions Group, LLC
Application Design, Development, Deployment &
Maintenance (System Level)
COTS and Custom Products:  Specification,
Design, Development & Implementation
Data Warehousing & Data Mining
E-Business/E-Commerce Solution Development
and System Assessment
Enterprise Architecture, System Design &
IT Operations Analysis & Migration
Metwpl/Telecommunications: Analysis, Design,
Implementation & Management
Process Review, Improvement
Recommendations, Design & Implementation
Visioning, Policy Analysis and Business Process
Horizon Solutions Group, LLC
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